That guy got a job today! It’s a freelance gig that goes through the January, and believe me, the stress level around here just dropped 20 points. It’ll be nice to actually put money in savings for the first time in a four months.
We went to Chipotle for dinner. Not having to cook is so, so nice after a million days of cooking three meals.
Did I mention I’m over Whole30?
Speaking of, a post just popped up on my box’s site, and they’re starting an eight-week paleo challenge on Monday. Are you kidding me?
I’m somehow considering it. I want birthday cake, though. :(
I got swamped with work today. I’m happy about this because 1. $$$ and 2. I’m so much more productive when I have a lot of my plate.
I shaved my legs with coconut oil tonight, and I’m never going back. So soft.
Has anyone tried oil pulling? Basically you swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 MINUTES to break down plaque and kill bacteria. I don’t know if I can handle that much swishing, but I’m going to try it.
I’ve been back on my step game: 11,600 today, 16,400 yesterday and 16,624 on Saturday. We shall not speak of Sunday.
All I want to do is watch season 2 of “The Killing,” but I need to tackle some of the above-mentioned work. AND GO.

  1. angeldrinkstea said: I don’t even know how I missed this post. Love, though.
  2. abitofsilliness said: The coconut oil + shaving idea is crazy smart!
  3. gainsforgotham said: I would end up accidentally swallowing the coconut stuff and then hating life hahaha best of luck though!
  4. themotherrunner said: WOOT! Good deals!! Also, you guys some cuties.
  5. rachaelfightsback said: COCONUT OIL TO SHAVE. *insert curious googly eyes here*
  6. maryfreakingsunshine said: You’re my favorite!
  7. thatsminethankyou said: Congrats! You guys are too cute!
  8. my-laughing-heart said: I’ve tried oil pulling but can’t do it consistently enough to say if it works. It’s weird. But I use sesame oil.
  9. sainttaco said: Many congrats!
  10. iammorethanarunner said: Cute picture! Congrats to him on the job!
  11. straightarrowlife said: You rock. Not cooking once in a while also rocks. And congrats to Scott on the job!
  12. peudepivoineee said: AW CUTE YOU TWO