Day 4! Today was better than yesterday emotionally, and I managed to keep my hand out the metaphorical cookie jar. Did someone say cookies?

I attempted fried eggs for breakfast (over mushrooms and wilted greens), and they stuck like an MFer. I got rid of my old non-stick pan and switched to stainless steel, and I guess I need more practice.

I went with simple with lunch: a giant bowl of cut up turkey burgers, microwaved sweet potatoes, frozen green beans, salsa and the rest of the avocado I broke into for breakfast.

Dinner (I didn’t take a picture) was shrimp over bell peppers, peas and more green beans. Are peas allowed? Fuck it, I don’t care.

Scott and I aren’t feeling deprived or crazy for grains, which I attribute to 1. the fact that isn’t only been four days, 2. I’ve cooked really delicious food so far and 3. I’ve made eating a decent amount of carbs a priority.

Over and out.

  1. lizlivinglife said: That food looks effing BOMB TASTIC.
  2. desert-child said: come cook for me. please.
  3. carolynruns said: Are green beans compliant? Because fuck that shit if they’re not.
  4. straightarrowlife said: Very low heat, more practice. ;) You do make damn delicious food, though, Allie. Damn delicious.
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