Three days down.

Between PMS and being terribly homesick, today was a struggle. I wasn’t tempted to eat a cookie or anything (I mean, any more than usual), but I did go hard on the almond butter and coconut.

No point in being down on myself about it. Just a note. Hide the almond butter when life feels hard.

My meals today were delicious. Frittata and meat sauce again for breakfast, drumsticks and veggie stir fry for lunch and a plate of eggs and leftover vegetables with the last of the meat sauce for dinner.

Tomorrow I’m going to focus on carbs, a little more protein and maybe not trying to eat my weight in fat.

Tuesday, be easy on me.

  1. angeldrinkstea said: Sorry you’re homesick, love. :(
  2. shortmom said: I eat a jar of peanut butter a week. hahaha
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