Janelle and I explored Roosevelt Island this afternoon. This was a mistake.

Don’t let those pictures fool you. Those pretty much capture the highlights of about two hours. The rest was a really depressing park, a suspicious number of birthday parties, general dilapidation and way too many buses for a tiny island.

On the plus side, the tram to get there (see above photo taken from a terrifying height) was neat, and there was a neat old (like 1800s old) mental institution and a sweet lighthouse I was determined to climb. Alas, once we finally got to it, it was gated off.

At least the weather was nice and we had a lot of things to make fun of. We honestly could not figure out why people live there. If you know, please share.

Roosevelt Island: 3/10, do not recommend.

  1. veggielife said: I want to take the tram but don’t care much about the actual island. Though I’ve heard it’s a good place to play foursquare.
  2. uhoh-janellio said: TERRIBLE. Just terrible!
  3. amy---ela said: "a suspicious number of birthday parties" sounds hilarious
  4. athomebrooklyn said: I ran a race on Roosevelt Island a few years ago and I kept thinking at every bend that something spectacular was going to appear. NOPE. Haven’t gone back since :)
  5. becomingaweasley said: White Collar is currently telling me that it’s a great place for folks in WitSec. Maybe they all got assigned there with the same birthday.
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